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e miserable. there is some good news on the way. stick it out for a few more hours. we have teamed coverage of the heat for you tonight. we are live in the district with the latest. >> bob ryan is in the weather center with a word of better conditions ahead. >> this is not a rumor. we still have to deal with tomorrow but it will not be quite as hot. our temperature here in washington 94 degrees. look at the wind, it is pretty hot all over. look at annapolis. the heat index makes it feel like it is 100 degrees. high temperatures on thursday will be only in the 80's. look at that cool air coming our way. unlike the last evening not been showing up on the radar. no wild weather tonight.
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i will give you the details. our team coverage continues with how we are dealing with the heat for another day. we are live in silver spring. >> the heat is taking a toll on people and the metro system. >> let's start with the metric system. i have some updated information about the red line. they are single tracking between silver spring and takoma. they believe the rail kink is south of this station. the battle heats up and it expands and it warps. what we are hearing from metro up 20 minutes delays on the red line because of the single tracking. you are experiencing that in both directions. it will take them into the
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overnight hours to repair. just another example of how the heat is affecting all of us. we are riding shotgun as the d.c. heat leaves another busy day for the medics. it is taking its toll on the nation's capital. they have handled five medical calls due to the hot weather. >> this woman suffered a diabetic episode possibly brought on by today's record heat. she is among the most at risk. >> people with medical issues, people with declining health. >> elsewhere the work goes on how about down there in sight in newly built manhole? backed it is about 10 degrees hotter. >> it is rough. you just have to have plenty of water. >> she would probably rather be on the other end of this house
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she is a bike riding tree water were. >> we were really worried about the advisory. >> it did it really hot, but even with the mercury according with an all-time record, there were those to which for that mid-day run. >> there is plenty of sunshine to soak up. you are going to experience about 20 minutes delays on the red line because of a real issue due to the heat. crews are working on it, but it will likely take into the overnight hours. we are live in silver spring. >> the heat is part of the bigger picture across the country. he'd advisories are in the effect for 21 states. -- heat advisories are in effect for 21 states. for millions of people across the country the temperatures will continue until the end of the week. you can get all of the
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information anytime, 24 hours a day, all of that on debate over the debt ceiling is heating up and a dire warning from the president that if the deadline is not met, americans will immediately suffer. this morning, president obama said at the debt ceiling is not raised by the deadline, social security checks may not be sent out. republicans are blaming the rump -- blaming the president for this stand off. what is the latest? >> the president declared that everything has to be on the table. raise taxes on the wealthy and reduce spending, both parties have to be willing to sacrifice. we still have no deal. the budget showdown turned political slowdown. >> when is he going to lay his cards on the table? this increase is his problem. >> it is not a democratic
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problem. it is not a republican problem. it is an american problem. >> the present retreated behind rhetoric's. >> i feel like i'm on a playground. this is amazing. >> in less than three weeks, the national debt hits the magical number where the u.s. runs out of money to pay its bills. if the problem is not resolved, the president cannot guarantee that social security checks will go out on august 3. the top man at the treasury said a deal would be done. >> in time for us to avoid default. we are a country that pays its bills. >> he predicts and no deal. >> you have toucans and nobody seems to be willing to move. >> -- you have two camps and nobody seems willing to move.
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>> six months ago the republicans are beating his brains out over not addressing the deficit in a serious way. this morning he woke up to a political environment or he is pushing for a grand bargain and the republicans are running away from the table. >> the president requested the debt ceiling increase and congress can vote it down. the president can veto that and get the ceiling raised great republicans can go on the record as being against the president. job openings fell flat in may. the labor department says that companies advertised 3 million jobs. that is the same as april and fewer than march. online job postings fell 2.3% in june. hiring will not likely increase in the summer. a local group is now urging
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its members to be more careful after a series of violations near camp david. the association posted the security reminder on its web site today. there have been five incidents near the presidential retreat. the most recent happened over the weekend. investigators believe the pilots ended up in the restricted airspace by accident. still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, a doctor who helped the cia track down 0, bin laden is locked up in jail. >> a helping hand for some children of military families
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we continue with a do all of drastic decisions within d.c. city council. >> kwame brown has stripped one councilmen of his chairmanship. >> some are questioning his motives in his decisions. we have more on the district on this developing story. >> kwame brown called it committee restructuring great but for council member tommy wells, it was an outrage. >> i am going to object today.
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i am born to object on this highly unusual action by the chair. >> speculation was that it was payback time. he launched an investigation of last winter. it proved so embarrassing that he is now driving his own u.s. mail and cheap. >> the chair invited me in to meet with them last night at 9:00. and he said he was going to give my committee assignment away. >> your reaction? >> i asked him if he was kidding. his daddy was not, the meeting was over. -- he said he was not and the meeting was over. >> he also yanked him from the metro board. when reporters asked the chairman if it was payback for wells --
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>> that is not true at all. i have a tremendous amount of respect for council member walls. >> kwame brown's had to come to a vote. they all voted yes except for tommy wells. 6:00 some well deserved recognition for a veteran of two wars. we will take you to today's medal of honor at somebody. >> a break in the heat is on the way. bob ryan has a board of lower humidity and cooler temperatures. >> it was a cold windy day it. i have the very latest on rory. it was a great night of home runs. tonight is the all-star game.
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we have shocking new details about the killing of osama bin
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laden. >> a doctor suspected of helping the cia find a osama bin laden has been arrested in pakistan. it is reported the plan was organized by the cia to gather evidence. president obama awarded the medal of honor to and afghanistan veteran this afternoon. he is the second living active- duty service member to receive the nation's highest military award. he is being recognized for courageous action during combat operations. the father of four was shot in both legs and lost a hand while probing enemy grenade away from himself and to fellow army rangers. >> that is an example of bravery. >> some students are thinking about school. high-school students from around
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the country spend their days stuffing backpacks and care packages for military families. the volunteers are spending a week in d.c. as part of the student leadership summit. it looked -- a looks like a smart phones are becoming the choice for adults. a first of all u.s. adults on a smart phone. they go online using their sulfone even more than a computer. i phones are the most popular. android is the most commonly used smart phone right now. >> they still use one count of the different features that kids do. >> that does not happen anymore. >> speaking of numbers, we are in the 100's. >> i am very confident.
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thursday, and i will show up one way or the other, it will be much more comfortable. it has been a nice day although a warm day in annapolis. that is what made the difference as they compare it to yesterday. our high temperature today we made it up to 97 degrees. i know, it is a disappointment that we did not make the record. it's still stands from 1908. can you imagine? no air-conditioning. we are still in to the low 90's all over. the difference today is that northwesterly wind. even though it has been pretty hot and humid you folks in annapolis are getting a little bit of that debris is. ocean city, it has been pretty hot in rehoboth, too. you got to get into the water to
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cool down. oklahoma city, only 79 degrees thunderstorms out there prepared for the first time in july, the temperature did not reach 100 degrees in oklahoma city. but look at the heat index. it feels like it is 107 in dallas, texas. the heat advisory is over a wide range of the country. you can get an idea of fact -- that wind. the dry air really, zen and it should be firing at an afternoon thunderstorm. that is by late tomorrow afternoon. after that, try arabic, and that is when the rushing air comes in at -- that dry air comes in and that is when the professional air,. it will be humid tomorrow morning. temperatures into the 70's, soaring into the low 90's.
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as we get into tomorrow night and especially thursday and friday some delightful weather coming in. the weekend looks great, too. that is the very latest. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> we have a baseball game tonight. can you a imagine playing in these temperatures? >> it is indoors, that is the good thing. the main topic of conversation is direct to your. -- derek jeter. he will not play, he is not even there in phoenix. but the stars to are playing are preparing for the classic. the team with the home field and the world series has 122 of the last classic. so it means something. tyler clippard is glad to be
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there. >> it is a special feeling. a lot of hard work goes into this obviously. it means that it helps the ball club out a lot. into my family being out there with me. it is going to be a special time. >> tyler clippard talking about the festivities. how about last night? the home run derby on a great night in arizona. this is tremendous. these kids are selected from all over the country. that kids will never forget the catch he made last night on national television. the guy makes his home run on the end -- on the way to the outfield. just another day at the beach for that guy. it is a million degrees outside. let's talk hockey. there is not a team that has helped themselves as much as
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the capital tab over the last two weeks. they want to win the stanley cup. they also made time to introduced the new winner. he signed a 12 begin dollar deal july 1. he is a hard worker and very unique in a sport dominated by white players. >> i'd definitely hold back as an honor. -- i'd definitely hold back at an honor. i want kids to come out and put a hockey stick in their hand. tell them that hockey is for everyone. >> the british open gets under way on thursday. the new star of the show is rory mcilroy. she is the favorite, certainly the fans' favorite. he is carrying his own bag when he practices. today, he talked about how his world has changed. >> i have very high expectations of myself.
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the public seems to have equally high expectations. it is fine. i have a way to deal with it and handle it. >> when i was with him saturday, i was amazed at how casual he was. i think he is 5 feet 8 inches. but he hits the ball a mile. >> he had spent over 300. perhaps she is unbelievable.
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a reminder for you now on our ipad giveaway. >> we will talk about that. >> just go to you have until friday at 4:00 and then we will draw the winning name. >> all right. one fast look at the relief headed our way. >> on friday, it will be very cool and pleasant. tomorrow, we will be into the 90's, i wanted to show you oklahoma city. they are getting some rainshowers that has knocked down their heat wave. there it is apparent -- there it is. almost there.
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